Op Shop Open Mic Night: Special guests – The Blue Light Specials

I think this first Open Mic night was a terrific success! We had over 30 people, the absolute cutest being two best friends under two years old who were literally the center of attention and deservedly so as they were absolutely charming performers.
We had a short set by “The Blue Light Specials”, poetry, jokes inspired by 7 year olds, stories, a concertina player, guitar sing-a-longs, a lovely a capella song, accordian music, and more. It was a wonderful evening and as we left, I was sure I heard the sprouts sighing. This can be understood in different ways of course, I didn’t ask.

Special thanks to perfromers: Mehves Konuk and Sam McAllister,
David Nekimen, Stephanie Gebel, Karen Callahan, Miss Clay
David Durstewitz, Jason Pettus, Erik Cameron,
Robert Cruz and Orin Fraser!


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