In Progress and Making it Happen

As always things are happening quickly at the Op Shop. With a month to program and host events we are trying to think 3-steps ahead! Yesterday we had the pleasure of hosting a Propeller Fund grant workshop. The function was well-attended and Lauren Basing, Assistant Director of threewalls, was on hand to answer questions. This also proved to be a great opportunity to meet even more artists and community members.

As of now, our long segmented plywood table is built with its many bright yellow metal sawhorse table “legs” traverse the center of the room. Our group of folding chairs is growing more eclectic where clear plexi and chrome meets well-worn wood and vinyl. “How does this folding chair work again?” I never thought I would ask this, but it has happened recently on more than one occasion. Now we just have to surround the table with all of you.

And that brings me to the following: We still need performers / artists / community members / gardeners / people who like to talk/ quiet people and the like. In other words: we need YOU! As part of our month-long programming we are looking for people to take part by utilizing the space on a day by day basis. If you are interested in taking part in these “studio-happening” hours, please contact us by emailing