Connect-the-Lots is the newest endeavor by Lia Rousset and Amber Ginsburg that focuses our aesthetic training and budding farming skills on food production and distribution. Connect-the-Lots works on multiple sites and scales — exhibition spaces, urban farms, suburban farms and farmer’s markets. This spring, we will start seedlings with Op Shop IV, forage edible plants from suburban organic farms and farm a ¼ acre plots on both an empty lot in the city and a farm in St. Charles.

We consider Connect-the-Lots an ongoing event engaging potential within our urban and suburban lives. We activate underutilized space and materials to create or highlight abundance. We are pleased to be able to use the heat and light of an un-rented commercial space with Op Shop for seedling development and skill sharing. We look forward to making public our Learn-As-We-Do strategy. We hope you can join us for soil block making, planting and much much more.


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