Uber Tuber! with Eric Bartholomew

Eric Bartholomew, renowned potato lover of Chicago, brought his potato postcards, Uber Tuber T-shirts and potato diorama table installation to the Op Shop this past Sunday! It was a huge success. Thank you Eric!
It was a balmy beautiful night of Spring, the windows fogged with seedling breath and the little kids spilled out on the lawn, proud to play with the big kids (in their 20’s and still full of child-like energy and spirit). The kids carved potatoes for prints and made their own potato creatures, from left: Henry, Clement,Tai-hei and Basti.
The potato dishes were all wonderful, only three real potato salads and it was too tough to choose which was best from them, they all won the potato cook-off! It was really a beautiful, fun and full evening! Thank you everyone.


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