Re-Con/ De-Con workshop with Janice Bees

Shwishy dress and wheat grassThe racks of wheat grass and seed trays supported a new crop last Thursday night: used clothing, draped on the wooden beams alongside scrap cloth and torn pants. Over cake and lemonade Janice Bees taught us budding DIY seamstresses and seamsters her own renegade tricks of the trade. While we made our own patches and saved our pants from the scrap pile with some “industrial stitches,” others went around the room exchanging shirts and hats and knitting strips of old dresses together with the biggest needles I’ve ever seen. The workshop predictably refused to wind down by our designated closing time, and once again we found ourselves lingering well later than we’d intended in the warmth of the Op Shop community. It was past 10 by the time I left with an excess of exciting plans for the weekend as well as some premature marital advice, bags of clothing left over for charity nestled together under the grow lights.
– David Durstewitz


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